Alta Rocca

Alta Rocca is a region located in Southern Corsica. Choosing Alta Rocca for your holiday is a good compromise between the seaside and the mountains…

Discover Alta Rocca: The "High Rock"...

Alta Rocca is a mountainous region located in Southern Corsica. Choosing Alta Rocca for your holiday is a very good compromise between the seaside ans the mountains. Alta Rocca means " High Rock" because the region is bordered by three massifs: Bavella, Ospedale and the "Cuscionu Plateau"

Discover Alta Rocca


The territory is crossed by the Rizzanese River. It originates in the high mountains of Alta Rocca, whose region it crosses, offering, with its tributaries, the water needed by each village. The diverse landscapes that make up this region are home to exceptionally rich flora and fauna. Now open to the development of tourism, Alta Rocca bears witness to its history and the diversity of its natural environment through its many hiking trails.

Dense heritage


The architecture reflects the history of the region, from houses of prominent citizens to family homes and simple sheep pens. Villages are often nestled on headlands and made of tall granite houses that are tightly packed along the streets for added protection. Many heritage treasures have been preserved: fountains, bread ovens, mills, wash houses (to discover on the heritage trails).

Alta Rocca is also a natural paradise that has greatly diversified its outdoor activities.

Welcome to Alta Rocca!

Go back in time ...


With 9000 years of history, this nature paradise is one of the oldest populated places in Corsica. Many archaeological sites still bear witness to the human presence and the museums of Alta Rocca will allow you to relive these moments of history.

The different floors of the relief have always welcomed a pastoralism that forged the characters, the culture, the craftsmanship, the gastronomy that still make the richness of the Alta Rocca.

Want to discover Alta Rocca in a different way ? take a walk along the Serra di Scopamene heritage trail.

Walk along the “pozzines” to discover wonderful landscapes on Cuscionu hikes.