A Nature and Wellness Experience

L' Alta Rocca / Côte des Nacres, Land of seduction






From seascapes to mountains, this region encompasses the essence of Corsica: the sea, the beaches, the river, the countryside, hiking, the mountains, gastronomy, tranquillity, relaxation, leisure... In short, everything you could want for a great holiday

Region in the heart of the Corsica Regional Nature Reserve, Mare a Mare Sud, GR20!

Let yourself be seduced by hiking adventures, from walking to sports hiking, you will be spoilt for choice.

Conca, departure of the famous GR20... The Aiguilles de Bavella (Bavella Needles), an enchanting leg of the route!

Levie, Serra di Scopamena, Sainte Lucie de Tallano, essential stops along the Mare a Mare Sud.


Enjoy a wellness experience during a stopover at the Caldani Baths where you can relax thanks to the benefits of their warm, sulphurous waters, or a relaxing experience during a stopover at the beaches of Fautea, Tarco, Caranella or the not-to-be-missed Pinarello beach.

Wellness and nature, in the heart of our marinas: Solenzara or Pinarello where you can, after swimming in our crystal clear turquoise waters, enjoy homemade ice cream or local fish.

From the seafront to the mountain peaks, the many types of facilities are an invitation to travel

Pierre Marcellesi, President of the Community of Municipalities of Alta Rocca